‘Love, Simon’ Review – Spoiler Free

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Rating: 8.5/10

During the entire screening, the theater felt like a family I never knew. Together, we all cooed, cried, and clapped. Typically, I hate when audiences clap or holler during screenings, but for once, it just felt to right. All of my friends agreed, possibly the best part about watching the film is the audience.

Love, Simon follows Simon Spier, a gay teenager who knows he’s gay, but not out to anyone. Using a social network that allows users to post secrets anonymously, just like the apps Yik Yak or After School, Simon discovers that he is not the only closeted kid in school. There is another boy going by the alias, Blue. The rest of the film develops a mystery to find out who Blue is, with little clues leading trails to different men, as well as Simon’s subsequent “coming out.”

First off, I’d like to appreciate the movie as a whole. It’s become one of the first (if not the first) mainstream film produced by a major production company with focus on a homosexual love story. The best part being that Love, Simon is a truly enjoyable film and likely to become a cult classic. I know that I could watch it over and over again.

Love, Simon : Photo Alexandra Shipp, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Katherine Langford, Nick Robinson, Tyler Chase

Also, I’d like to point out that Love, Simon aces their portrayal of teens and highschoolers. Typically, dialogue and actions of teens are cringe worthy to the fullest extent, diminishing the reliability with audiences. In Love, Simon everything feels relatable, even for those not apart of the LGBTQ+ community. While some aspects of the film are not going to happen to every closeted kid, a lot of interactions between Simon and his friends are reassuring for those afraid to acknowledge their sexuality.

Noticeably, a lot of times in stories involving queer love stories, especially in TV, there always has to be a force trying to pull the lovers apart. Whether that be disapproving parents, illness, or even fear of their own sexuality and need to repress themselves. Yet, Simon is surrounded by friends and supportive family. When his sexuality is announced to his school, family, and peers he is embraced, even though it’s not how he plans to announce his queerness. As for blow back, Simon is only met with homophobic students who target he and Ethan, another openly gay student.


Love, Simon is a truly enjoyable film. It’s so intelligently funny and has pretty great pacing and comedic timing. Simon’s Vice Principal, Mr. Worth (Tony Hale) and his wacky, yet obnoxious classmate, Martin (Logan Miller) seem to be the main comedic relief characters.There’s this great bit about iced coffee, which in the end helps parallel different stages in Simon’s life, but it still so funny from the start if you’re an iced coffee addict. Majority of the comedy is meant for youth audiences, including jokes about Grindr, but most of the jokes come from situational, high school humor. For perspective, all of my friends and I are all around 18 and recent high school grads, yet we were all dying of laughter. Despite being cheesy, Love, Simon the gay rom-com that society needs and deserves. Without a doubt, you will leave theaters with tear-stained cheeks and a ridiculous grin on your face from ear to ear.

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