3 Things You Missed in ‘The Last Jedi’

By now you should have seen The Last Jedi at least once or twice. With a two-and-a-half hour run time, we wouldn’t blame you if there were a couple of tiny details you may have missed during your viewing. Next time you watch The Last Jedi keep an eye out for these moments.

Beware! The content below contains spoilers for The Last Jedi. You’ve been warned!


Luke’s Death Foreshadowing

When Rey is on Ahch-To and Kylo Ren in his ship across the universe, their minds are linked through the force, allowing them to see a full-bodied vision of the other. Both are baffled by their mind-link; Kylo more intrigued and Rey more spiteful. Kylo seems to believe Rey is an astral-projection. To his disbelief, he utters something along the lines of “You can’t be doing this. It would kill you.” Which is ultimately a  foreshadowing to Skywalker’s passing after his astral-projection across the universe to Crait.


Red Footprints & Dodging LightsabersImage result for crait

During the final battle on Crait, a mineral planet and resistance base, Rian Johnson makes it very clear that any disturbance to the white plains of the planet leaves a deep red mineral exposed. While it creates some beautiful shots of the planet, it also allows those with a sharp eye to figure out that Luke isn’t really there. Even though his immunity to being shot 1000 times should be your first clue.

Another clue is that Kylo and Luke never actually touch lightsabers or make any physical contact. Luke, like the badass he is, skillfully dodges every single one of Kylo’s advances. There’s a whole bunch of tiny clues to be picked up, but you’ll just have to watch The Last Jedi one more time to catch them.


The Sacred Jedi TextsRelated image

Thanks to a visit from Force Ghost Yoda, the tree housing the last of the Jedi Religion is set aflame due to a strike of lightning. When Luke and Force Ghost Yoda are conversing Yoda says “There is nothing in there that the girl, Rey, does not already possess.” Yoda is sly with his double meanings. Rather than burning in the tree, Rey stole the Sacred Jedi Texts and stored them in the Millennium Falcon. It’s revealed at the end of the film when Finn is searching for a blanket for Rose. This one is a little more noticeable, but the shot was done so quick and a lot of people ended up missing it.


Was there anything else you noticed?


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