10 Geeky Gifts under $20 that will you make you the best Secret Santa ever!

Geek Crave has your back. Here are 10 surefire gifts to add to your cart this Holiday!


1. Stranger Things Baseball Tee – $17

Perfect for 80’s enthusiasts of any gender! Who doesn’t like Stranger Things?

Available for sale at Target

2. “Geek” magnetic poetry kit – $13

Available in a variety of kits, including “Superhero,” “Space,” and “Grouchy Cat.”


Available on Amazon









3. BB-8 Buddy Pillow – $16

I mean like…how could you not?


Star War Episode 7 BB-8 Pillow Buddy
Available at WalMart












4. S.T.A.R. Labs Sweatshirt – $19

I’ve wanted one of these ever since the 1st episode and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Available on Amazon


5. Cinema Box Marquee Light Box – $16

It’s one of those things you don’t need, but very much want, but do not need.


Available on Amazon


6. Giant Monster Slippers – $9.99

I’m sure everyone’s inner-child would die for these. I mean, they even make monster noises!


Available at ThinkGeek


7. Milk and Vine – $5

“merry chrysler”


Available on Amazon


8.  Cinegeek – A film trivia book – $15

This is a little on the nose, but it’s funny and a great for your coffee table.




9. Doctor Who “Soap on a Rope” – $19.99

It even comes with a little bag! Soap on a Rope! Could you ever ask for more?

Available on ThinkGeek

10. Star Wars Self-Stirring mug – $15

Self-Stirring? Super cool.

Available on ThinkGeek

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